Free digital training: Data Analytics

To keep building your skills and knowledge for the Data Analytics exam, we recommend you start with the free courses on AWS Skill Builder:

Data Analytics Fundamentals (3.5 hours) [Link]
The course introduces you to the AWS services and solutions to help you build and enhance data analysis solutions.

AWS Hadoop Fundamentals (1.5 hours) [Link]
This course introduces you to the basics of big data and how Hadoop as a framework handles it.

Deep Dive into Concepts and Tools for Analyzing Streaming Data on AWS (35 mins) [Link]
This course introduces basic stream processing concepts and strategies commonly used to address the challenges that arise from querying of streaming data.

Introduction to Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Java Applications (15 mins) [Link]
The new support for Java programming in Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics helps you solve challenges, and this course will show you how.

Serverless Analytics (25 mins) [Link]
Customer data comes in all shapes and forms and from every direction. In this course, you'll learn to synthesize data using the power of tools like AWS IoT Analytics, Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, and Amazon SageMaker, to name a few.

For more Data Analytics courses, browse courses in the Data Analytics Ramp-Up Guide.

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Practice with self-paced labs

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