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Share your certification status with your employer

Why AWS Certification Consent is Important for Individuals and APN Partners

By John Paxton, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager, AWS Training and Certification

AWS Certifications are industry-recognized credentials that can enhance your career as well as the standing of your organization’s AWS Partner status.

The amount of time invested in achieving an AWS Certification is no small feat. So, naturally, it’s important for individuals to get recognized for the hard work they have put in.

Since November 2019, AWS Partners have been able to record the AWS Certifications achieved by employees in their organization. However, to get this visibility, individuals who work for AWS Partners must provide consent for this information to be shared with their employer.

In this post, I will outline the value of AWS Certifications to individuals and organizations alike, as well as the process for providing consent to share your certification achievements.

Value to Individuals

At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we offer role-based and specialty certifications so individuals can highlight their unique AWS experience and skill set.

According to the 2019 Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, 52 percent of IT professionals who have achieved an AWS Certification report their expertise is more sought after within their own organization. Furthermore, 45 percent have implemented efficiencies in their roles, and 43 percent reported being faster at performing their job.

Value to AWS Partners

AWS Certifications are a key factor in moving up the AWS Partner Network (APN) tiers. As a company’s AWS Partner status improves, you gain access to more benefits and programs, such as APN funding resources to co-sell with AWS.

When individuals who work for AWS Partners provide consent to share their certification achievements, it enables an organization to track how many AWS Certifications can be attributed to the company overall, as well as which individuals have earned them.

How to Provide AWS Certification Consent

View this how-to video for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to provide consent to share your AWS Certification achievements with your employer.