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3 AWS training courses to help you use Generative AI

Whether you're a business leader interested in how generative AI can transform your business or a developer seeking to use generative AI to boost your productivity, AWS Training & Certification has the training to help build your knowledge and practical skills with Amazon’s generative AI services.

Training can be taken at your desired pace and the way you like to learn—from brief, on-demand videos to hands-on, interactive challenges in a secure, sandbox AWS environment. See our digital, on-demand trainings below that will help you understand, implement, and begin using generative AI.

Generative AI for Executives is a collection of free, brief, and easy-to-understand videos to help C-suite executives understand how generative AI can help address their business challenges and drive business growth.

A photo of a person looking at a laptop device. Operating on that device is the AWS "Amazon CodeWhisperer – Getting Started" course.

Amazon CodeWhisperer – Getting Started is a free, self-paced digital course introducing learners to Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI coding companion designed to help developers get more done, faster. Learners are taught its capabilities, how to set it up, and begin using it in their coding programming language of choice.

A photo of Amazon CodeWhisperer on a laptop device.

AWS Jam Journey – Build Using Amazon CodeWhisperer is a hands-on, interactive training designed to help DevOps professionals get practical experience building with Amazon CodeWhisperer through a series of challenges in a secure, sandboxed AWS environment. This offering is available with an AWS Skill Builder subscription.

Continue you and your team's Gen AI journey with the AWS Skill Builder Individual or Team subscription. You will gain unlimited access to digital courses, team challenges, and practical, hands-on training to help meet the demand for talent in the latest AI/ML technologies.