Furthering your serverless skills with a new training course

September 19, 2022 Ed Van Sickle


Serverless enables you to build agile applications, so you can innovate and respond to change faster. With serverless computing, infrastructure-management tasks like capacity provisioning and patching are handled by AWS, so you can focus on only writing code that serves your customers. Services like AWS Lambda come with automatic scaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-for-value billing model. Lambda is an event-driven compute service that enables you to run code in response to events from over 150 natively integrated AWS and SaaS sources—all without managing any servers.

Serverless is also a mindset, which is why serverless developers think “serverless first” and not “serverless also.” More developers are moving to this serverless-first mindset. Now, you can further develop your serverless skills with a new course, Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS.

About the course

Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS is a three-day, intermediate-level course taught in a live environment and is intended for cloud developers who are developing event-driven, microservice-based applications. Attendees should have some familiarity with serverless (i.e., understand AWS Lambda concepts for ephemeral states, concurrency, cold and warm starts, event sources, memory and time-out settings, and invocation models) and have experience developing on the AWS Cloud. Without this knowledge, we recommend attending the Developing on AWS classroom training or completing our serverless digital trainings: Introduction to Serverless Development, Getting into the Serverless Mindset, AWS Lambda Foundations, and Amazon API Gateway for Serverless Applications.

In the course, you’ll learn how to build serverless applications using Lambda with Amazon EventBridge, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), and Amazon Kinesis as the messaging services that help you decouple and apply event-driven concepts. You’ll also learn best practices, how to write proper Lambda functions, and how to use AWS frameworks to deploy a serverless application in hands-on labs that progress from simple to more complex topics.

The course also covers the three pillars of observability (i.e., cost, performance, resilience) and utilizes AWS X-Ray and Amazon CloudWatch. It also covers application-scaling considerations specific to Lambda (i.e., error handling and concurrency), the virtual private cloud, and security. You’ll build a “serverless-first” distributed application, and learners can expect presentations, hands-on labs, demonstrations, knowledge checks, and group exercises.

Customers who took the beta version of this course shared that the course is an opportunity to further develop serverless skills and provides a good depth of knowledge on Lambda, event-driven sources, performance, security, and observability.

Enroll in an upcoming class here.


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