HPE trains over 1,800 employees on AWS to meet the customer needs

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to drive an edge-to-cloud strategy across its organization and provide value to its customers at each stage of their cloud journeys.

In this video Alexia Clements, vice president of worldwide sales and cloud services; Harris Schneiderman, enterprise sales director; and Laura Manfre, director of the learning, advisory, and professional services team, describe how engaging in AWS Training and Certification enhanced HPE’s delivery, resources, experience, and expertise on AWS.

Many of HPE’s customers rapidly migrated to the cloud during the COVID-19 pandemic and required deeper cloud expertise to optimize their systems. To respond to emerging customer needs, the enterprise IT company chose to upskill its employees on AWS, deepening cloud knowledge and capabilities.

HPE employees have achieved AWS Partner Accreditations as well as multiple AWS Certifications, including AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. By engaging in AWS Training and Certification, HPE is helping its customers strengthen their cloud strategies for the present and the future.

Learn how HPE trained over 1,800 employees on AWS to meet customer needs.

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