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Hyland empowers employees to earn 200 AWS Certifications

Hyland, a leading global content services provider, migrated to the cloud to transition to a software-as-a-service model.

This transformation was prompted by the need to verify the scale and reliability of its solutions, accelerate software development, and meet changing customer needs faster. Becoming cloud ready required that Hyland get its employees on board with the transition and help them learn the skills needed to develop and support cloud-based software on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Hyland chose to offer upskilling opportunities to its employees to help them understand the benefits the cloud can bring to both the company and its customers. Hyland, an AWS Partner, worked with AWS Partner Training and Certification, which equips organizations with the practical cloud skills and industry-recognized credentials necessary to succeed in the cloud. By working with the AWS team, Hyland implemented a structured training program for staff at all experience levels to pursue new competencies and achieve professional growth. This initiative helped Hyland level up the expertise and credibility that it brings to its customers and resulted in benefits such as time savings, enhanced security, and fewer errors during processes.

Opportunity | Working with AWS Training and Certification to Help Hyland Employees Level Up  

Hyland was founded in 1991 and has more than 4,000 employees in dozens of countries around the globe. The company offers solutions to manage content across an entire organization. Because Hyland had been developing on-premises software for more than 30 years, the company recognized that migrating to the cloud to keep pace with customer demand would require a larger culture shift across the organization. “Our teams were eager to accelerate our shift to a software-as-a-service company, and we knew that, by moving toward AWS, we could make that shift with a leading partner,” says Matt Beyer, AWS alliance manager at Hyland.

Hyland became an AWS Partner in 2020 and turned to AWS Partner Training and Certification to train its employees. “Hyland decided that AWS was going to be our cloud vendor of choice, and we were building our new, cloud-native products on AWS,” says Beyer. “So, it was a natural next step to have our employees become certified and well versed in the AWS Cloud.”

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