New Twitch series: Keep your security skills sharp

February 14, 2022 Deborah Strickland


Are you responsible for managing security risks associated with your organization’s software and systems, or do you want to start a new journey and learn about incident response? We invite you to join our new, free Twitch series: The Safe Room, which is launching on Wednesday, February 9. Designed for Twitch with cybersecurity experts in mind, this new training series livestreams on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. PT.

Led by members of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Customer Incident Response team, who support customers with security events, this intermediate-level training series helps security professionals continue to build their ongoing security skills. Episodes are structured around specific security scenarios and occasionally delve into in-the-moment and timely security-response topics. You’ll gain valuable information that aids your day-to-day work in secure systems, regulatory compliance, vulnerability and penetration testing, incident response, and more. Weekly, we’ll post links to additional resources to aid your learning, and we encourage you to participate in the Q&A throughout the broadcast.

There’s a continued shortage of security-trained professionals who are equipped to help organizations safeguard their cloud operations. “Security is everyone’s job,” says Scott Barneson, director of learning products, AWS Training and Certification. “It’s not something you learn once and you’re done. This is why we partnered with the AWS Customer Incident Response team on this series. We designed the show’s episodes to address today’s real-world scenarios, highlighting timely content that addresses current and upcoming security trends.”

Robert Saul, a practice manager with the AWS Customer Threat Detection and Incident Response team, is excited to reach customers across the globe on Twitch. “We’re thrilled to have direct access to a service that allows us to engage customers on security best practices and the lessons we’ve learned supporting customers through security incidents.”

Upcoming episodes in the series

Kyle Dickinson, our primary show host who specializes in threat detection and incident response and is a part of the AWS Customer Incident Response team, will guide you as you gain knowledge about AWS security services, how to respond when incidents occur, and the resources available to you. We’ll start with the following episodes:

  • February 9: In the first episode, Safe Room is Back! And IAM Excited, we’ll talk about the future of Safe Room, Amazon GuardDuty’s new Identify Access Management (IAM) findings, and extended support for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). We’ll also discuss an efficient way to respond to exposed IAM credentials.
  • February 23: In the second episode, Pardon Me, Your Web App is Showing, the hosts will explain how to detect suspicious behavior from vulnerable web applications and share resources to get you started with AWS security services.

What resources will be provided?

You can expect to build your ongoing security skills and walk away with expert guidance you can apply to future security projects and incidents. Weekly resources will include links, whitepapers, courses, and labs.

Who is this intended for?

We work to make our content accessible to anyone, but this series is particularly intended for anyone who manages security risks associated with their organization’s software and systems, such as proactive security, AppSec, and customer incident response teams. If you create high-level designs of regulatory compliance and security systems, build and implement those systems, and/or evaluate (i.e., vulnerability scanning, penetration testing) and enforce security protocols, you’ll find this series particularly interesting. A basic working understanding of the cloud is helpful, but no matter your experience level, we encourage you to join the fun.

How can I get started?

This Twitch series is free and available to anyone as part of our commitment to train 29 million learners globally with free cloud skills training by 2025. To learn more about these training offerings and to receive session reminders, recorded replays, and helpful resources straight to your inbox, join the email list for each Twitch series.

This series builds on a wider library of security skills training offered by AWS, including Amazon’s recently launched, free Security Awareness training available for individuals and businesses who want to help protect against cyberattacks.

We’ll see you this Wednesday, February 9, at 1:00 p.m. PT for the first episode of The Safe Room on Twitch!



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