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Which Are The Best Resources For You?

Are you a Learner or Team Lead? Then the Skill Builder Learner Guide is for you. We understand that you may be new to your role or domain - or deeply skilled already! - and need to keep pace with cloud technology. You want to grow your skills to create, optimize, and innovate. Explore the training that suits your needs - in your preferred learning style. We have over 600 digital courses and curated learning plans. Learn best by doing? We also have self-paced labs, game-based learning for roles and industries, gamified and challenge-based training, along with AWS Certification exam prep resources. View or download the Learner Guide now.

Are you a Skill Builder Team Administrator? Then the Skill Builder Team Admin Guide is for you. Drive cloud training critical to your organization. Develop the cloud skills you need to meet demands specific to your business by assigning training and curated learning. An administrator dashboard and comprehensive reporting provides visibility into skills progress across your teams. View or download the Admin Guide now.

Need to see it to believe it? Then click on these short product demo videos to get a feel for the diverse learning experiences within Skill Builder that are waiting for you.