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AWS Partner Classroom Training Security courses

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AWS Partner: Security Essentials (Technical)
This course covers fundamental Amazon Web Services (AWS) security concepts, including AWS access control, data encryption methods, and how to secure network access to your AWS infrastructure. Based on the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, you learn your responsibilities related to implementing security in the AWS Cloud and which security-oriented services are available to you. You also learn why and how the security services help meet the security needs of your organization.
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AWS Partner: Security Governance at Scale (Technical)
This course is designed for large, or scaling organizations. It focuses on automating cloud governance to enhance security. This includes retiring manual processes in account management, budget enforcement, and security operations and compliance. These areas allow for governance without inhibiting agility, speed, or innovation. They also allow for decision makers with the visibility, control, and governance necessary to protect sensitive data and systems.
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AWS Partner: Security Best Practices (Technical)
The average cost today of a security breach can be upwards of $4 million. This course provides an overview of some of the best practices for using AWS security services and control mechanisms. This course helps you understand your responsibilities, while providing valuable guidelines for how to keep your workload safe and secure. You will learn how to secure your network infrastructure using sound design options. You will also learn how you can harden your compute resources and manage them securely. Finally, this course will help you understand AWS monitoring and alerting so you can detect and alert on suspicious events. This will help you quickly begin the response process in the event of a potential compromise.
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AWS Partner: Advanced AWS Well-Architected Best Practices (Technical)
This hands-on, advanced technical-level, instructor-led course provides a deep dive into Amazon Web Services (AWS) best practices to help you perform effective and efficient AWS Well-Architected Framework reviews. The course covers the phases of a review, including how to prepare, run, and get guidance after a review has been performed. This course is designed for AWS customers and AWS Partners. Attendees should have familiarity with the AWS concepts, terminology, services, and tools that are covered in the intermediate 200-level precursor to this course. This course provides an AWS Well-Architected Framework review simulation and instructor-led group exercises and discussions about prioritizing and resolving risks. The content focuses on how to prepare proposals on high and medium risk issues using the AWS Well-Architected Tool.
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