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Frequently asked questions about Partner Training

AWS Partner Training and Certification FAQs

AWS Partner Training and Certification helps you build and certify your cloud skills to enable your customers to get more from the cloud. With both digital and classroom training you can choose to learn at your speed in the way that fits you best.

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive about AWS Partner Training and Certification.

Getting started

Q: What’s included in free digital training?

Digital training courses are unscheduled training you can take when and where it's convenient for you. Our free digital training gives you access to more than 600 on-demand courses in 17 languages, with a mix of videos and written content.

Q: Where can I find AWS Partner free digital training?

A: Navigate to free digital training via AWS Skill Builder: Partner Courses Please note that when signing up for AWS Partner Courses in Skill Builder, you must be logged into your AWS Partner Central account.

Q: How do I set up an AWS Partner Central account?

Watch this quick video tutorial and sign up today using your work email address.

Q: Where can I view all AWS Partner Training options?

A: Explore the AWS Partner Training overview page to browse all partner training options.

Q: Is there a way to quickly identify a Partner learning path that will work best for my role?

A: Our self-paced Partner Learning Plans provide a recommended progression of digital courses to help you achieve your learning objective. As with the digital training courses, to launch AWS Partner Learning Plans, you will need to have an AWS Partner Network account.

Q: What training(s) can I take to get a general overview of AWS Cloud?

AWS Partner Accreditations are AWS Partner Network partner-exclusive courses that provide foundational cloud knowledge and skills. Learn more about which one is right for you in our blog: AWS Partner Accreditations: The First Step for Partners Learning About the AWS Cloud.

Getting Certified

Q: What are the AWS Certification options available?

A: AWS Certifications range from foundational to specialty and cover a variety of domains. Explore the available AWS Certification options here.

Q: Are there prerequisites to achieve AWS Certification?

A: Recommended prerequisites vary by certification and it is recommended you view the AWS Certification preparation page for guidance.

Q: What training is available for AWS Partners to prepare of AWS Certification?

A: AWS Partner Training provides always-on, exclusive certification preparation training to increase exam confidence. Explore AWS Partner Certification Readiness Training in your choice of on-demand or virtual sessions with AWS experts offered in multiple time zones and languages for your convenience.

Q: How do I register for an AWS Certification Exam?

A: Visit the Schedule an Exam page for information about different testing options or watch the this video for step-by-step guidance on getting registered.

Q: Where can I find the certification requirements to advance through the AWS Services Partner Tiers?

A: You can find all of the training and certification requirements for advancing through the AWS Services Partner Tiers.

AWS Partner Central know how

Q: How do I navigate to the Partner Training Content from AWS Partner Central?

A: Log into your AWS Partner Central account and navigate to the “Learn” tab on top of the page. There will be links available on AWS Partner Training, AWS Self-Paced Training, AWS Instructor-Led Training, and AWS Certification.

Q: How do I link my AWS Partner Training and Certification profile to my AWS Partner Central account to share my certification information with my employer?

A: For your Certification information to be visible in your company's Scorecard, your CertMetrics email address must match your AWS Partner Central email, or be listed in the "AWS T&C Account Email" field of your AWS Partner Central account's profile page if using a personal email. If your AWS CertMetrics account was registered using your AWS Partner email, no action is needed on your part.

To make this change, sign into your AWS Partner Central account and navigate to “My profile” and click “My AWS Certifications.” Click “Edit”, then fill in the “AWS Training & Certification Account Email” field with the same address that is on your AWS CertMetrics account and click “Save.” Click “Yes” to indicate consent to share your AWS Certifications with your Alliance Team. You can also view the AWS Certification Consent blog for additional details.

Q: Where can I find a list of certifications my organization has achieved?

A: Alliance Team members can view list of certifications associated with your AWS Partner Central Account by navigating to the “AWS Certifications” quick link. AWS Certification details such as Employee Name and Company Email will only appear if the employee has consented to share their information with their employer. Employees can provide consent by logging into AWS Partner Central and navigating to their Profile Page.