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Learn by doing with AWS Cloud Quest: Solutions Architect


AWS Cloud Quest is a role-based learning game that helps you build practical AWS skills through exercises and hands-on activities using AWS services. Within AWS Cloud Quest, there are roles you can choose from several technical domains. After starting AWS Cloud Quest, choose the Solutions Architect role to explore solution building assignments that cover a broad range of AWS services curated by AWS experts.

AWS Cloud Quest Solutions Architect badge

AWS Cloud Quest - Solutions Architect Role

As the city’s solution architect, you will implement solutions based on a broad set of AWS services. You will build solutions that scale network connectivity, secure data and manage resources leveraging the AWS Well Architected Framework.

How does it work?

Players enter a virtual city and choose a pre-defined role like "Security Specialist", “Serverless Developer” or “Solutions Architect", that enable quests tailored to the chosen role. As players progress through the game, they will earn rewards and status for completing activities that unlock new learning areas.


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