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AWS Partner: Generative AI Sales course

AWS Partner Generative AI Sales

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Course description

AWS Partner: Generative AI is in high demand, but there are challenges in deploying these capabilities in a safe, trusted, and reliable manner. In this course, you will learn how to support customers through key phases of their journey, examine use cases and learn how generative AI on Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps customers reinvent their businesses.

  • Course level: Foundational
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Assessment duration: 30 minutes

AWS Partner Generative AI Sales badge

This course includes readings, videos, knowledge check questions, and an assessment. Successfully pass the assessment with a score of 80% or more to achieve the Generative AI Sales learning badge. The badge can take 2–3 business days to be issued through Credly

Course objectives
In this course, you will learn to do the following:

  • Identify AWS services and features to address a customer’s business needs at each step of their
    generative AI journey.
  • Describe why the value proposition of AWS resonates with customers.
  • Identify unique considerations customers may face during each step of generative AI adoption.
  • Identify resources that can support you in building a long term scalable generative AI plan with
    your customers. This includes topics such as: responsible AI, MLOps, and Economics. 

Intended audience
This course is intended for the following:

  • Customer-facing or sales professionals at AWS Partners
  • Individuals at AWS Partners interested in gaining a nontechnical knowledge of AWS, use cases, and common solutions

We recommend that attendees of this course have the following:

Course outline
Section 1: Introduction
• Welcome
• Delivering Customer Value with Generative AI
• Why the Value Proposition of AWS Resonates with Customers
• Partner Supported Customer Story

Section 2: Customer Journey
• Customer Journey Introduction
• Strategy and Evaluation Phase
• Proof of Concept Phase
• Implementation Phase
• Scaling and Monitoring Phase
• Partner Supported Customer Story

Section 3: Customer Conversations
• Exploring the Topic
• Discovery
• Plan
• Organizational Alignment

Section 4: Building a Long-Term and Scalable Generative AI Plan
• Introduction to Building a Long-Term and Scalable Generative AI Plan
• Economic Considerations
• Responsible AI Considerations
• MLOps Considerations
• Partner Supported Customer Success Story
• Resource Summary