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Join the Global Jam Competition: Next-Gen Infrastructure

aws-jam-logo.png“AWS Jam was a great way for the team to interact, bond, learn, and get hands-on experience all at the same time. The adrenaline kick definitely helped in the overall learning experience.”
- Head of Solution Delivery and Integration Technology, Singapore Exchange

Join us for AWS Jams, an engaging and competitive learning experience with gamified challenges that put your cloud know-how to the test. Work through a variety of challenges to learn and validate real-world problem solving skills in the AWS console environment.

In this AWS Jam, you will be presented with the 4 challenges below, each worth 80 points max. You can ask for clues in return for less points to help you solve each challenge. Complete as many challenges as possible, with the least amount of clues, in the least amount of time to win! - through September 30, 11:59PM, Pacific Standard Time. 

EC2 and RDS costs bothering you! (Max Points: 80)
Boobytrapped Infrastructure (Max Points: 80)
A Missing Front-End (Max Points: 80)
Data migration and S3 security (Max Points: 80)

Showcase your skills and win the ultimate bragging rights among your peers!

Your secret code to play is: U8dd8e

Next Steps:
Host your own Jam event for your organization with an AWS Skill Builder Team subscription.
Add a day of team-based gamified learning to your classroom training with AWS Jam.