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Building a business case for migration training

Building a business case for a certification program securing internal, executive support for modernizing your training programs requires a data-driven business case. Afterall, before you can implement an effective cloud training strategy, you need to know your organization’s ‘as-is state’ and how evolving your training strategy aligns with your corporate growth. For help conducting a quantitative evaluation of employee cloud skills to identify gaps, many organizations use the free, AWS Learning Needs Analysis to identify gaps and accelerate delivery of personalized training plans.

Rachael Lethbridge Smythe, Senior Alliance Manager EMEA, from Lumen, explains, “As an AWS Partner, the Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) allowed us to quantitatively evaluate our skills gaps and develop targeted learning plans aligned to Lumen’s business goals across the region. The LNA enables our employees to define what their learning goals are, that these are aligned to business goals, and that any certification or training completed would be valuable and relevant to both. This keeps teams highly engaged and motivated, with personalized training to help them succeed in their sales, pre-sales and technical roles.”

Lethbridge Smyth cites quick success, sharing that Lumen’s skills development—focused on migration, architecture, and strategic sales—is on track with 122 employees trained across EMEA to date. Additionally, for all employees who have been trained, 45% have achieved AWS Certification, compared to a market average of 8%.